modern japanese food at Cherry creek

Kaiten-style Japanese Restaurant



At the heart of Cherry Creek Neighborhood, Sushi Kai offers a Kaiten-style Japanese Sushi and other delectable Japanese comfort food at a fantastic price.

Kaiten-Sushi, as this style of dining is known in Japan, translates to “rotating sushi”. Fresh sushi rolls are continously made and put on small plates that rotate around the restaurant, and customers grab the plates that they like, directly from the belt.

At Sushi Kai, customers are also welcome to place orders directly from our menu, for sashimi, nigiri, and cooked entrée items.

The word “Kai” has a number of meanings, including "ocean" (海), "shell" (貝), "restoration" and "recovery".


What is
kaiten-style sushi?

Kaiten-style sushi restaurant is a style of Japanese Restaurant where sushi is served on small plates atop a conveyor belt (the belt) that moves alongside the tables.

Customers may also directly place orders via our wait staff, but most simply pick their dishes from the belt. The final bill is based on the number and type of plates.

No Japanese language skills are needed to read the menu and place an order. This style of serving is also fantastic for small and big appetites, and minimizes food waste.


Eat Together

Enjoy Kaiten-style sushi, hot sizzling teriyaki plates, warm Sake and ice cold Japanese beer in one sitting.